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The Wings of Wind~ B.1- A Blackened Night~ Chapter 1

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The Wings of Wind~ B.1- A Blackened Night~ Chapter 1 Empty The Wings of Wind~ B.1- A Blackened Night~ Chapter 1

Post by Em on Tue May 21, 2013 4:42 am

Wind flew on and on, farther and farther. Her eyes where closed but she knew where she was going. A snowflake hit her eye. A small tear fell.
Why did I have to leave them? Me of all owls? And now of all times? Why oh why? Why did there have to be a mission? Why would the moon have to go away now!
Her thought fluctuated between sadness and anger. All she could picture with her eyes closed was her children.
My baby boys Smiles and Blue. And my girls Thunder, Storm, and of course the littlest Lightning.
Some wind pushed at her gray feathers but it didn't bother or even faze Wind, which she guessed was why that was her name.
Storm looked at her 4 siblings. She was the oldest but was still too little to fly. Her mother had put her in charge when the older owls were not around. "Okay guys. We've got to huddle up to keep warm. Get in the corner where the cold won't get us." She squeaked the orders. "Now Lightning will be in the middle of course. Me and Thunder will be here while Smiles and Blue will be over there." She pointed to the spots with her wing. Soon all of the owlets were huddled up as the first snowflake blew into the nest.
"S-Storm?! I'm scared!" Lightning chirped from the middle of the group.
"It's okay sis! Momma will come back. She promised. Just because Daddy died before you hatched doesn't mean anything will happen to Momma." Storm assured.
Smiles nodded while Blue quivered. Thunder shuffled closer to Blue and whispered into his ear. Soon he stopped shaking.
Soon Lightning fell asleep. Then Blue, Smiles, Thunder, and last of all Storm fell asleep. The nest was filled with snow but four of the owlets slept untouched by even a flake. Storm's back feather's went from a thick, sleek, shiny black to a puffed up grayish color.
Wind flew on. By now if anyone saw her they would call her a snowy owl, which at this point she might as well be. Her wings felt like ice.
Storm will take care of them. I know it!
Wind made her way up in the sky. She broke free from the snow and it was actually sunny above the clouds. The snow started to melt off of Wind's face and feathers. From above she was now a gray owl again.
It's sunset. The night should be coming soon. Then I will know for sure that this mission is real.
The first star soon shown. No moon appeared.


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