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The Wings of Wind~ B.1- A Blackened Night~ Chapter 3

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The Wings of Wind~ B.1- A Blackened Night~ Chapter 3 Empty The Wings of Wind~ B.1- A Blackened Night~ Chapter 3

Post by Em on Tue May 21, 2013 6:18 pm

As Wind rolled in the air she felt a sudden peace around her. She closed her eyes. When she was ready she opened her wings out. Time felt as if it had slowed down. She flapped her wings gracefully. The other bird flew under her and Wind landed on it's back. She realized what kind of large bird it was. An eagle. But something about this eagle made her not want to fly away but to stay here, on it's back.
It looked up at her.
"Hello traveler! You must be Wind." He said to her.
"Y-yes! How do you know me?!" Wind asked.
"Why do you not know who I am? I am The Great Eagle of Skyland. I am the one who has called you to be on this mission!" Great Eagle told her.
"Oh! But how? This mission was sent to me in a dream? Surely you cannot go into dreams or minds?" She asked him.
He laughed. "They don't call me great for nothing! Yes I can go into dreams. And I picked you for a special reason."
"But what is this reason?! Where you trying to make my children have to live without me!? They NEED me!" Wind shouted angrily. She was very tempted to dig her talons into Great Eagle.
"Because I knew you would be able to handle such a task better than others. Look at how your children have turned out." He responded.
"Yes look at how they turned out! No father! Storm won't fly, Thunder can barely walk, Smiles is half blind, Blue is half deaf, and Lightning has asthma! Yes they turned out some of the best owls ever!" Wind screeched at him.
After all of the owlets had eaten they looked up at Grandpa Midnight. They all looked fatter.
"What are you looking?" He asked jokingly.
Smiles looked away, not finding the humor.
"It was just a joke little one." Midnight looked at all of them, "Hey! How would you like to learn to FLY!"
The four younger owls chirped and bounced but Storm. She looked at the underside of her wing. A long scar went down the length of it. No feathers grew in that spot. She looked at her other wing. The tip of this wing was missing. "No thanks Grandpa. You can teach them while I watch Lightning."
"Are you sure?" Blue asked.
"Yes. Very." Storm answered. Her brothers and sisters didn't know about her hurt wings. She doubted that Grandpa Midnight knew.
Smiles nodded then went to stand next to Midnight. Thunder and Blue followed.
"Alright now that us four are ready let's go..." Grandpa instructed them but Storm had stopped listening. She turned to face Lightning. "What do you want to do Lightning?" She asked.
"Well could we... no I don't want to do that." Lightning started to say.
"You have obviously have never looked deep within. Them and yourself." Great Eagle retorted.
"What do you mean?" Wind questioned.
"Now that is something you and they must find out for yourselves." He answered. "Hold on! We are about to break through to Skyland!"
Wind nodded. Leaning forward she gripped her wings onto Great Eagle. He looked up then started to fly perfectly vertical and upward.

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