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The Wings of Wind~ B.1- A Blackened Night~ Chapter 2

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The Wings of Wind~ B.1- A Blackened Night~ Chapter 2 Empty The Wings of Wind~ B.1- A Blackened Night~ Chapter 2

Post by Em on Tue May 21, 2013 1:42 pm

Wind's wings soon tired. She stopped flapping. She slowed in the middle of the sky. Wind's face started to face down creating an arch. She closed her wings and started to fall out of the sky through the clouds like a bullet. She picked up speed.
The morning came and the snow melted. Storm's feathers returned to their black coloring. Lightning wheezed a little. Then a lot. Then uncontrollably.
"Hold on! I will get the caterpillar juice!" Thunder called out from the other side of the tree. She grabbed two caterpillars then hopped back to the others. Slowly Thunder squeezed the juice into Lightning's beak and her wheezing softened then stopped all together.
"Thanks Thunder." Lightning squeaked.
Storm watched. She was too cold to think straight. She looked at Smiles then Blue and Thunder then Lightning. Something had happened to all of them. When Smiles, Blue, and Thunder were just eggs the nest was attacked by a hawk. When Lightning was a newly hatched she got extremely sick from getting wet. And finally herself. Storm had fallen from the nest. Now Smiles is blind in his left eye, Blue is half deaf, Thunder has a limp and a twisted leg, Lightning has severe asthma, and Storm...
I will never be able to fly. At least not properly.
When Wind opened her eyes she was heading straight down. Scared, she tried to open her wings but the force of falling held them down. A shadow shown from above her. Then something swooped in front of her. It came around again, this time clipping Wind with it's wing. She started to spin in the air. "Ah!" Wind screeched.
"Storm. I'm hungry. What is there to eat?" Lightning chirped. The others looked at Storm.
"Well I guess we are going to have wait for Grandpa. There is no food in here." Storm replied.
Blue stared at her while Thunder whispered into his ear. Smiles smiled, like he was named for, and nodded. Lightning put her head down. She was getting thin even though their mother had only left last night.
A large black and white owl blocked the light from the entrance in the tree.
"Grandpa!" Smiles called out.
"Hello little ones! Glad to see you too!" The owl chuckled, "I've brought something you five!"
"What is it Grandpa Midnight!?" Blue and Thunder asked. Lightning bounced from one foot to the other with excitement.
"Well what else would I have brought you but some nice plump mice!" Midnight replied as he passed them each a mouse. Storm got the largest while Lightning got the smallest.

AUTHOR NOTE~ These chapters have not been written anywhere else other that Liz's mind. As she thought of a chapter she came on here to type it.

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